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Story Time!

How I Quit Smoking With Vaping!

A couple of years ago, I decided to quit smoking cigarettes... again. I had been a two pack a day smoker for years and I was feeling the toll it was taking on my overall health as well as my finances. Really, two packs a day! That's about $15 a day, $100 a week, $420 a month, and well over $5,000 a year.

Because of smoking cigarettes, my health was deteriorating. Even enjoyable activities were becoming harder and less desirable. I felt like my smoking was putting a strain on my family as well. Imagine coughing your lungs out and having trouble breathing when going on a simple hike with the family, breaking out into a light jog... nope. Forget about running for any period of time without feeling like you were going to have a heart attack. Even climbing stairs was getting more difficult.

I had tried to quit smoking too many times to count... and it really didn't count until I had finally quit... FOR GOOD!

I tried the patches, I tried the gum, I tried the pills, then it started getting crazy. I went and had acupuncture therapy and lit a cigarette as soon as I walked outside - Apparently that was money well spent! I even went as far to get hypnotized... all this to just give up smoking cigarettes! Nothing was working, but I was determined, for my family, and for myself! 

I think I was lucky to be looking for yet another way to quit smoking cigarettes as vaping was becoming more mainstream, and the vaping accessories being more accessible! My first two weeks of vaping, I was smoking both cigarettes and the vape pen. I had a couple cigarettes here and there as I was getting used to the vape. I slowly started smoking the vaporizer pen more and more, and became less and less dependent on cigarettes! By the start of my third week, I had my nic intake dialed in and cigarettes were a thing of the past... and has been for over 3 years now! 

If you are wondering if vaping to quit smoking works for everyone, the correct answer is NO. One of the top reasons people stated they stopped vaping was that they didn't like the taste of their vape and went back to cigarettes. However, many committed vapers found that if they tried a few different liquid manufactures, they would find a flavor profile that was more enjoyable than actually smoking and triggered them to stay with the vape pen to quit smoking altogether!

For me, the cigarette cravings went away quickly with vaping and I found myself tossing out half smoked cigarettes, and we all know how horrible a cigarette tastes when re-lit. With vaping, once your craving is satisfied, you stop. NO WASTE, and the taste stays consistent! ! I felt my health improving as time passed. The coughing slowed down, then finally went away. I felt my breathing get deeper and my lung capacity improve. I can run and play with my kids again! My wife has seen an increase in my energy levels as well!

For my one year 'I finally quit smoking cigarettes' anniversary, I took my family on a well deserved vacation with just the money I saved from a year of quitting smoking. It was a nice vacation spot, and I even woke up early a couple days just to take a jog on the beach with my sons! 

Vaping has probably saved my life, or at the very least prolonged it by several years! I still vape today, but even my nicotine vape intake has dropped greatly! I have always preferred the small pen batteries and small mod boxes since they are much easier to carry and are far more discreet than the massive bricks people are lugging around today! Haha!

As time passed, vape products have evolved to include oils containing nicotine, CBC and THC among other things! The batteries keep getting bigger and much heavier as they become more powerful. However, our favorite light weight, and discreet 510 thread batteries were becoming harder to find and the quality of what was available had greatly deteriorated. I felt like I was flying through cheaply made batteries and the price kept climbing at my local shop and my once favorite online stores. It was during my hunt for a high quality replacement 510 thread battery that I saw a real need! I knew there were still fantastic smaller vape batteries out there that we all love, but they were just getting so hard to find! 

I wanted to make sure people like myself, who are on the "Quit Smoking" journey, or those who prefer to relax in other ways know they are appreciated! You will not be taken advantage of with high prices on inferior products here. I did the work and found the best 510 thread batteries and launched the site with the best damn quality and prices anywhere!