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About Us

We Prove That We Appreciate You!

Have you ever purchased a 510 thread cartridge battery or box mod that took weeks to arrive?

Won't happen here, we ship same day! 

Once the items arrive, they lasted only a couple weeks, days, or not at all?

We guarantee only the highest quality in all of our products!

Have you ever reached out and received no response?

We guarantee a timely response, really!

We took matters into our own hands and got out there and found some of the highest quality and most affordable 510 thread cartridge battery products from the best manufacturers and suppliers we could find. Once in our possession, we put the products through real life testing before putting up for sale on the site. When I say "We", I mean "Us" since customers are always included in product testing and review.


We use the products, we drop the products, we charge the products, we test several different 510 thread connections to make sure they are as compatible as possible with 510 thread cartridges and other devices. We want your purchase to last and it will!

A Happy Customer is a Repeat Customer!

We will always show you the best possible deals we can run at that time! The best deals anywhere! We ship SAME DAY Monday thru Friday to get your product to you as fast as possible. All weekend orders will be filled and mailed out on Monday.

If you ever have questions, please reach out. We will do our best to assist you, and we guarantee a response!

We eat the added cost of tracking every package so you can keep tabs on your merchandise while in transit. We know you want to know exactly when your items will arrive, and we like to know that it arrived safely!

We will often run promotions where we will ask you to help test well established and never before seen products and review for fellow vape enthusiasts through random drawings of sales receipts.


There is always potential for added free gift promotions and bonus sales!

We cut through the garbage and over-hyped items and bring you only proven, time tested items, from customer vetted 510 thread cartridge battery manufacturers and suppliers that last.

We ask that you review your purchase experience both on and off our site! Really, we want you to let the world know how we are doing! We will even reward you for doing so! Let us know where you left your review, good or bad!

What about the batteries that fail your test?

The 510 thread batteries or devices that fail our tests are returned to the manufacturer or discarded (never sold to you). We normally start small with our order quantities and scale up or down depending on product performance and customer feedback.

What about the ones that fail our test?

 If you ever feel you received an inferior product, from our site, we want to know about it immediately. Email us or click the Contact Us link. We do not want to disappoint any of our customers, but understand that reality does not meet expectations at times. Please reach out and give us the feedback. We will do whatever we can to make it right.


Covid-19 Update:

We have taken this situation very seriously here at and implemented a few purely precautionary steps as an added layer of protection for our customers. We now sanitize our incoming battery products after our quality testing procedures. Afterwards, all product is placed into air tight bins and stored until that lot is needed for shipment. Batteries are manually packaged in a well sanitized area by an associate wearing the proper PPE (Mask, Gloves, Pants, etc...)


We are back to business as "Almost" usual, and some of our reputable suppliers are ramping up quality production runs of our favorite products! Our selection is still limited due to demand on our ongoing sale prices and product availability. Our inventory is growing by the day! Please let us know if there is something you would like to see us carry moving forward. Shoot us a message or hit the Contact Us link.