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Information on 510 Thread Batteries and Vaping Safety

What is a 510 Thread Battery?

The term “510 thread" was first coined by Joyetech, the original manufacturer of the eGo-T battery. This was one of the first vape pen batteries on the market and is still widely used today. It was named after the ten 0.5 mm threads featured on the tanks that are compatible with these vape batteries. Today, this 0.5 mm threading is standardized, but it doesn’t necessarily need to have ten threads to be considered 510 compatible.

A 510 thread vaporizer battery is technically any battery with a compatible 510 threaded atomizer, which happens to be the vape industry standard for almost all atomizers and tanks. The recent introduction to readily available oil cartridges has made these small 510 thread batteries a hot commodity! 

510 thread vape is often used in reference to the entire device and all components, including the tank. 510 thread battery refers specifically to the power source. Oil cartridges and vape tanks generally come pre-filled with nicotine, cannabis or CBD essential oils. There are also refillable and reusable atomizer cartridges available that can be filled with your own desired blend. 

Types of 510 thread vapes:

Originally 510 Thread batteries were generally much heavier, and all pen-shaped, which is still arguably the most popular way to vape today. But new technology and the need for increased power caused the battery industry to rapidly evolve. Batteries now take on a variety of styles and shapes, such as pens, mods and box battery devices They do have look like the older style 510 thread batteries, only smaller. 

eGo and EVOD batteries – These style of batteries were one of the first devices used in conjunction with todays ever popular vape cartridge tanks. They are usually dual-threaded to accommodate classic eGo/EVOD/Vision style 510 threaded atomizers. eGo/EVOD/Vision batteries have a firing button, some models include LED lights when the button is activated. Charging of the batteries vary by device. Generally charging is achieved by using a compatible 510 threaded USB charging unit. Some batteries may feature a built-in micro USB charging port, some require a top screw on USB charger which makes a very reliable and solid connection for extended battery life.

Classic Pen Style Batteries – This was the original upgrade in 510 batteries. The batteries were a much slimmer and lightweight pen style battery that were about the same width as the average oil cartridge. Some newer model pens are draw activated, which means you don’t have to push a button to vape. These auto-draw pens are easy to operate, but are not known for their power. The majority of today's 510 thread pen batteries utilize buttons to operate, and often have LED indicator lights. Upgraded models have built in pre-heat functions that will prep whatever medium that is being used for a smoother taste! These also may have variable voltage settings that can be changed via the button or a twist dial.

Small Box Mod Batteries – The newer style of 510 thread batteries look similar to the larger mech-mods, but are usually much smaller, lighter and more compact for discretion. They have the standard 510 threads and sometimes utilize strong magnetic adapters that let you to easily connect your cartridge or other atomizing device. These devices are usually able to be personalized to the user. These batteries are a little more expensive, but well worth the cost!

Keychain style Batteries – Keychain style and Ultra Discreet 510 Thread Batteries introduce a new level of subtlety to vaping. Many of these batteries look like your standard everyday car key fob or keychain to everyone but you! They may contain a concealed spring loaded 510 thread connection with your desired cartridge that will pop out when you press the button. Many are very small, but very powerful batteries with hanger lanyards or key rings. These batteries are often charged by a standard micro USB charger.

E-pipe style Batteries – These 510 thread batteries resemble a tobacco pipe. Normally, the manufacturers tries to keep the look and style of the pipe battery very classy. Some vape enthusiasts like this style because the vaping action emulates the sensation of “hitting a bowl”. Many pipe style 510 thread batteries use strong magnetic adapters that can easily swap between cartridges if desired.

Printed/Etched Style Pen Batteries - These 510 threaded batteries are basically the same as a standard 510 Thread pen battery, but graphics are added to the pen body and/or stem via printing or etching processes. Over the printed graphics, the pen batteries normally have special coating that resists against skin oils that could cause the graphics to wear much faster. When batteries are etched, the graphics are engraved into the 510 thread battery, and will usually last for the life of the battery.


Standard large Mod Boxes – This is currently where the nicotine vape battery industry has headed. Some are much larger, and heavier than standard 510 threaded mods. Many are compatible with standard 510 thread oil cartridges as well. However, with these batteries, sometimes there is a need for a specific type of 510 thread connection that allows air to flow through the bottom of that device. Many mods can accommodate this type of bottom airflow system without a special connection.. 

Advantages of Our 510 Thread Batteries:

Our 510 thread vape batteries have distinct advantages over your standard batteries. Our batteries tend to have longer battery life, use Rapid Charge Upgrades, and utilize more advanced technologies and safety features.

More Advantages:

  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Cross-Compatible
  • Solid 510 Thread Connections
  • Strong Magnetic Adapters
  • Easy to Operate
  • Highly Discreet
  • Long Battery Life


Tips For Using 510 Thread Batteries w/ Oil Cartridges:

Cartridge vaping with 510 Thread Batteries has grown in popularity because consumers love how incredibly easy they are to use and keep concealed and discreet. When starting any new cartridge, start on the lowest voltage setting and slowly increase your intake by taking small pulls with breaks in between until you find your ideal dosage.

Pro Tip - Be sure to note your ideal dosage for future reference! 

Some older oil cartridges may utilize silica wicks. With these, many consumers found a variable voltage battery on its lowest setting (2.5 to 2.8 volts) works best to prevent "dry hits" or a burnt taste. Use caution with this older style atomizer and buy from a reputable manufacturer. There have been several incidents of dangerously defective silica wick tanks reported over the years. The majority on the market today are newer versions of Silica Wicked atomizers and are much safer than in the past!

Newer versions of oil cartridges, like the standard CCELL (Ceramic Coil) cartridges use more advanced safety features, but often need more voltage current to conduct the wicking properly without the risk of burning it out and delivers a consistent draw. These atomizer cartridges are best suited for 510 Thread Batteries that operate around the 3.3 to 3.7 volt range. Some users would argue that higher voltage settings are perfectly acceptable as well. However, the average safety limit on most CCELL atomizers is around 3.8 volts. I would not recommend surpassing this limit! Once again, please use caution and buy these atomizers from a reputable manufacturer.

Some thick oil and wax 510 thread atomizers now use ceramic coil systems which require more voltage to achieve the desired results. These can be pretty easy to master and user reviews state these are fantastic companions for our batteries! Start with a lower voltage, around 2 to 3 volts, if possible, to preheat or warm the contents. Standard operation is between 3.3 and 3.7 volts, any higher and you risk burning the contents.

Battery Capacity - Every 510 Thread Battery has a designated battery capacity. This represents the overall battery life in milliamp hours, or mAh. The higher the mAh, the longer the battery is rated to last.